Your user profile is where all your personal details related to your Engagement Rx account are stored. This includes your name, email, and cell phone number. These details enable our system to send you pertinent notifications. From your profile page, you can modify your personal details, download or print records of finished courses, and synchronize your mobile device with your ongoing courses.

Here are the steps to access your personal information on your user profile page:

Sign into the Engagement Rx platform.

Please note that we collaborate with several providers and the way you access our product can vary depending on the provider. Our product might be known as SelfHelpWorks or Engagement Rx. Typically, members sign in to our product via their provider's website.

Once you've landed on the Engagement Rx platform, look for the blue icon resembling a person at the top right corner of the screen (highlighted in yellow below).

Click on this icon, and from the dropdown menu, choose 'Member Profile'.