How does the course schedule work?

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Intuitive Course Calendar with Flexible Rules-Driven “Next Session” Feature

At the end of each session, the user is given a list of rules-driven “next session” dates and asked to select the date and time they wish to take their next session. When the date for the next session is selected, the course homepage automatically updates that date. Each time a date for the next session is selected, the dates of all remaining future sessions are automatically updated by applying the “Recommended” course schedule rules to the remaining sessions. 

NOTE: The "Recommended" course schedule is the minimum number of days it takes a user to complete the course. The sessions are spaced out the way they are for two reasons: first, to allow for completion of the assignments; and second, to give the neural pathways of the brain adequate time to adapt to the specific cognitive training exercises that follow each session.  

How the Automated Calendar Works:

1) When the participant starts the course, the system automatically populates the session dates using the current calendaring system’s default “Recommended” schedule.

Total Sessions
Spread Over
LivingEasy - stress/reisiliency
15 days
LivingFit - exercise
12 weeks
LivingFree - tobacco
24 days
LivingLean - food/weight
44 days
LivingSmart - alcohol
24 days
LivingWell - diabetes
57 days
LivingWellRested - sleep
36 days


2) Whenever the user completes a session and selects a “next session” date, the remaining session dates – and the related reminder notifications – are automatically adjusted using the next scheduled session date as a baseline.

For example, let’s say the user has the following schedule when they start on 10/1:


Session        Schedule     Calendar Rules

Session 1     10/1             Course start date 

Session 2     10/3             2 days after Session 1 (rules-driven) 

Session 3     10/7             4 days after Session 2 (rules-driven)


Now, let’s say that the user completes Session 1 on 10/1, but selects 10/5 (instead of 10/3) for Session 2. The scheduled date for Session 3 will shift accordingly:


Session        Schedule      Notes 

Session 1     Completed    Was completed on 10/1 

Session 2     10/5              New date selected by user 

Session 3     10/9              4 days after user’s new Session 2 date (rules-driven)


3) LivingFit lasts 12 weeks and the weekly calendar (“Activity Log”) always starts on a Sunday. The course is reported as "Completed" once 9 weeks of exercise activity has been logged. Participants must log exercise minutes in at least 9 of the 12 weeks or they will have to restart the course.

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