You’ll need a Windows PC, a Mac, tablet, or smart phone with speakers and high-speed internet.

To verify that your system meets the requirements for the compatible Operation Systems and Web Browsers, please refer to the table below.

Portals Website

Web Browser
Operating Systems
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.xWindows 8.1, 10.xSupport ends June 15, 2022
Microsoft Edge Chromium 81.x and higherWindows 10.x and higher

Google Chrome 87.x and higherWindows 8.1 and higher; Mac 10.14.x and higher; Android 7.1.1 and higher; iOS 12.4.8 and higher

Apple Safari 14.1 and higherMac 10.14.x and higher, iOS 12.4.8 and higher

Mozilla Firefox 79.x and higherMac 10.14.x and higher, Windows 8.1 and higher

Mobile App

Device Type
Operating Systems
AndroidAndroid 7.1.1 and higher
iOSiOS 12.4.8 and higher

Last Updated: March 14th, 2022